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Grow Your Business

Fee Calculator | CRM Pipeline Management | Budget + Resource Tool

Manage Leads / CRM Pipeline Tool

  • Track prospects from lead to signing
  • Powerful filtering and reporting
  • Manage tasks linked to each lead

Fee Calculators and 1-Click Proposals

  • Start every project with an profit inherent fee
  • Calculate fees quickly and easily with fee calculators based on industry guidelines
  • Generate customised proposals with 1-click

Weighted Income Forecasts

  • Predict future income, weighted by probability
  • Report by office, discipline, etc
  • Pre-empt future resourcing requirements

Track and Control

Timesheet Management | Project Cost Tracking | Bill Time + Costs

Timesheets & Expense Claims

  • Web or mobile timesheets & expense claims
  • Project and line manager approvals
  • Automatic email reminders

Realtime Project Profitability

  • Income and expenses updated in realtime
  • Simple cost-to-completion forecasting
  • Schedule and generate invoices easily
  • Lump sum, time & disbursement based billing

Integrated Leave Management

  • Simple leave requests and approvals
  • Automatic entry to timesheets
  • Integrated with resource workload reporting

Lead with Insight

Resource Planning Tool | Financial Forecasting | Profitability Analysis

Resource Planning

  • Ensure workloads are balanced across all staff
  • Identify staff burdened with non-project work
  • Manage short term tasks across your teams

Secured-Income Forecasting Tool

  • Make informed decisions based on accurate view of secured income and operating costs
  • Maintain a single source of truth for billings
  • Schedule & auto-generate draft invoices

Client & Sector Profitability Analysis

  • Understand which clients drive growth
  • Identify profitable sectors or regions
  • Define your own tracking categories
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